Request a Classroom Visit

Click here if you would like an engineer from the WV DOT or an aspiring engineer from a local college/university to visit your class to introduce the contest and teach your students how to use the software.

Review Our Getting Started Guide

Click here to read our Getting Started Guide, which includes step by step instructions on registering, downloading our software, and submitting bridge designs. This would be a perfect handout to have ready for your classroom visit!

Read the Official Contest Rules

Click here to view the Official Contest Rules, which includes all of the details you will need to know for both the Qualifying Round and Finals.

Spread the Word with Our Flyer

Click here to download a 2019 West Virginia Bridge Design & Build flyer to share with other teachers and students!

Download Our Free Software

Click here to download our free software to install at your students’ work stations – or so that you can give it a try!

Send Home Our Tip Sheet for Parents

Click here to download our Tip Sheet for Parents to send home with your students.

The West Virginia Bridge Design & Build Contest aims to:

  • Provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering design process
  • Provide realistic, hands-on experience that will help students to understand how engineers design structure
  • Demonstrate how engineers use the computer as a tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the design process
  • Provide a tool for visualizing structural behavior—a tool that will help understand how structures such as truss bridges work
  • Provide an opportunity for students to apply their bridge design skills by constructing a bridge from balsa wood material
  • Have fun pitting problem-solving skills against those of other virtual bridge designers around the state

Teacher supporters are a very important part of the contest facilitation. Below you will find information, tools and resources at your disposal in order to conduct this FREE STEM related activity and have a professional engineer in your classroom this year!

  1. Request a classroom visit(March 20 is the deadline to request a classroom visit) 
  2. View the Official Rules and Getting Started Handout so that you understand what the presenter will be discussing with your class.
  3. The presenter will bring with them all materials needed including a PowerPoint presentation. All we ask if possible that you provide equipment for the presenter to show the PowerPoint and a computer or two so the presenter can assist students in registering for the contest. The presentation will take no more than one hour. However, if you need a more condensed time frame we can accommodate your classroom needs. If you would like to talk with a teacher who has participated in the activity let us know! We can connect you with a teacher who has participated in the classroom activity and mentored students through the contest for several years!
  4. Download the software
    Bridge Designer 2019 for Windows Computers
    Download Setup File: [41.3 MB] Download
  5. For extra support, send copies of our Tip Sheet for Parents home with your students!


For more information and questions, feel free to contact at any time.