The 2018 West Virginia Bridge Design & Build Contest ASCE Student Chapter Grant Program will provide funding to chapters who agree to participate in providing educational outreach AND registration assistance to local middle and high school students eligible for the West Virginia Bridge Design & Build Contest (formerly the WV Bridge Design Contest).

By participating in this outreach program, student chapters have the opportunity to earn $100 for every classroom visit with a maximum of $200 per school visited. Each student chapter cannot exceed $500, and each visit requires a minimum of 1 hour on site AND the registration of at least 3 (three) students from that class.

ALL student chapter presenters are REQUIRED to complete a 1-hour training session with:

Jimmy Wriston, P. E.
(WVDOT Special Program Manager, WVSRA Bridge Engineer, WVDOH B&G/Facilities Coordinator, WVDOH RW Division Liaison, WVDOT IntraAgency Engineering Director, WVDOT Highway Engineer Chief, WVDOT Senior Engineering Advisor,  Secretary of Transportation’s Office)

Once the grant application is received, the Primary Contact will be notified to schedule the required training session.

Student chapters will be eligible and issued grant funds after:

  • the classroom visits have been completed;
  • the “Post Presentation Forms” have been submitted online (go to Presentation Portal>Post Presentation Form);
  • at least 3 (three) classroom registrations have been confirmed (students MUST enter the Presenter Code) by a coordinating committee member; and
  • ALL school visits were conducted NO LATER THAN, Friday, March 16.

Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of the anticipated grant funds for those visits not falling in the proper timeframe.
If teachers contact the coordinating committee to request a classroom visit, we will contact the nearest student chapter and give them the opportunity to conduct the visit. The Primary Point of Contact will be the initial contact the coordinating committee will attempt to make.

For more information is needed please contact

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

ASCE Student Chapter Grant Application

NOTE: Each speaker will be assigned a "Presenter Code" students MUST enter this code when registering in order to receive credit for the classroom visit!