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Bridge Designer Software (2019)

shutterstock_140934040The 2019 Bridge Designer software is the only software version that can be used for the 2019 West Virginia Bridge Design & Build Contest. If a bridge that was designed on a previous version of the software is submitted, it will not count as a valid entry into the contest. Use the links below to download the free software.

Bridge Designer 2019 for Windows Computers
Download Setup File: [41.3 MB] Download

Bridge Designer 2019 for Mac Computers
Currently Unavailable. If you have previously downloaded the Mac software, please be advised that there are glitches in the software and you will need to re-download it once it becomes available again. 


Bridge Designer 2016 Software Video Tutorials (YouTube):

Photo May 21, 5 22 30 PM

 Balsa Bridge Build/Bridge Design Contest Finals Rules & Guidelines: