You are not able to save your registration information to complete it later. Before you begin, please make sure you are prepared with the following information:

  1. Individual or Team? You can compete individually or in a team of two. If you are competing as a team, ONLY the team captain needs to register. However, you will still need your teammate’s name, e-mail, and his/her parent/guardian’s name and e-mail.
  2. Team Name: You will need to create a team name whether you are competing individually or as a team. Team members’ last names should not be used. Get creative!
  3. Teacher E-mail Address: If you are competing as part of a classroom project or school activity, please provide us with your teachers name and e-mail address.

Please complete the following form to register for the 2020 West Virginia Bridge Design & Build Contest. Once you have registered, download the Bridge Designer 2020 software and design a bridge that passes the simulated load test. The objective is for your bridge to be as inexpensive as possible while still passing the test. To officially enter the contest, you must upload your bridge design here.

  • If any of your registration information needs updated after registration is complete, contact us at
  • Write down your username and password! You will need it later to log in and submit your bridge design file to officially enter the contest! 
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
-- Type a Team Name.
-- Do not use a team members last name.
-- Remember your team name, you will need it later.
-- Inappropriate names will be disqualified.

Individual Competitor/Team Captain Information

First Name
Last Name
Your Email address
If you advance to the Finals, your Balsa Bridge Kit will be mailed to you
Enter the team captain school name only.
Enter if completed as part of a school class or activity.
Teacher Email Address
Only enter parent/guardian of team captain.
Only enter parent/guardian phone number for the team captain.
Only enter parent/guardian email address for team captain.

Second Team Member Information (if applicable)

Secondary team member first name
Secondary team member last name