The West Virginia Bridge Design and Build Contest provides middle school and high school students with a realistic, engaging introduction to engineering. We provide this contest as a service to education.

The West Virginia Bridge Design and Build Contest aims to:

  • provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering design process
  • provide realistic, hands-on experience that will help students to understand how engineers design structure
  • demonstrate how engineers use the computer as a tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the design process
  • provide a tool for visualizing structural behavior—a tool that will help understand how structures such as truss bridges work
  • provide an opportunity for students to apply their bridge design skills by constructing a bridge from balsa wood material
  • have fun pitting problem-solving skills against those of other virtual bridge designers around the state


The WV Statewide Contest Qualifying Round runs from September 17, 2019 until March 31, 2019. In order to be entered into this contest, individuals must register using the link below. This will ensure that the correct contact information is available to contact the finalists.


Sponsors of the WV Bridge Design and Build Contest